Make It Mindful peels back the layers on today's educational challenges with mindfulness and compassion. Your hosts Seth, Lauren, and Komal tap research and insights from innovators, psychologists and teachers to understand what’s really going on for students and educators. How can we create positive change in schools? What innovations can transform classrooms? What mindsets and systems need rethinking? Each episode either features a prominent changemaker as guest or leans on the hosts to examine specific educational topics like career readiness, school leadership, teacher burnout, and mindful tech integration. By applying principles of mindfulness – presence, connection, acceptance – this podcast envisions education that works for all. For teachers, administrators, parents and anyone passionate about evolving education, Make It Mindful charts a thoughtful path forward. With open minds and hearts, we can build educational experiences that nurture every child.
Seth Fleischauer, Founder and President of Banyan Global Learning
Lauren Pinto, Cofounder of Ambitious Ed, Educational Technology Specialist
Komal Shah, Speaker, Author, & Entrepreneur
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